America's Cup 2017 | I nostri inviati speciali

America's Cup 2017 has ended some days ago, with the gorgeous performance of Team New Zealand.

We have finally succeded in getting the comment of one of the most important protagonists of the AS, Glenn Ashby, and we are pleased to share it with you:


"Just boarding in Bermuda now. 

Been a full pack up frenzy. Boxes, containers, wings, boats, houses. It's been full on plus all the media and e mail action. 

I have suddenly become very tired but happy. It has not yet really sunk in what we have achieved. It's a bit surreal. I think when we arrive in Auckland things might start to feel different.

It's months and years of adrenalin just stopping. The highs are high and the lows are real low. But the taste of what we have done will stay sweet for quite some time which will be cool. 


Also our friend and guest Bruno Troublé, who knows very well the America's Cup machine, has left us his impression about the 2017 edition of the AS:


"The America’s Cup is a myth !

Venitians will not forget the regatta in 2012…. The america’s cup catamarans invaded Venice and zigzaged between la Punta della Dogana and San Giorgio : a sight which will be remembered for long !. It proved that anything which floats will always be welcome in Venice !

Alberto Sonino had  a vision. He managed to convince a lot of people and successfully brought those machines .

The America’s Cup is very special . ‘’She’’ is only an old silver Cup made in 1848 but « she « – it is not only an object ! – became over the years a true symbol of power, ambition, pride among Nations .

A tiny country : New Zealand , just managed to  crunch the richest country in the world : the USA for the second time  The team was composed of 90 people – instead of 300 - , the budget was reasonably 1/10 of the American budget but they won against the Space Age technology.

Creativity, national pride, obsession , teamwork , humility can drive any group to the supreme goal in sport .

The same group lost a few years ago . They learned the lesson and came back with a fearless young crew , fresh ideas and a huge determination .

We hope that our magician in chief : Alberto will find a way to bring the America’s Cup here in Venice ….even for a few days only !